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Kryo Science

This project showcases my knowledge of UI design. Asked by the director of Kryo Science to provide a full animated sequence of layouts for the company's latest medical treatment device.

– Project Kryo –


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I was asked by the director of Kryo Science to provide a full animated sequence of layouts for the company's latest medcal treatment device.

Kryo Science based in Nottingham are pioneers in the design of cryosurgery systems used in the treatment of tumours. I was asked by the company director to work alongside the development team on the whole UI layout.

To begin with we had a basic coded interface with no graphical input at all but with careful planning and good team communication we quickly sketched possible layouts and developed a user interface approved of by medical employees.

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The Design Process

1 – Knowledge gathering
2 – Rough sketches developed into wireframing
3 – A coloured coded layout

At all stages of the project we were testing various elements and re-evaluating the layouts and colour schemes aproved of by managers.

CryoNeedle™ introduces a revolutionary new technology in a surgical system for cryotherapy. It is indicated for use in the physical destruction of unwanted tissue in defined lesions in general surgery. CryoNeedleâ„¢ replaces the expensive single use disposable cryoprobes used on conventional gas-based cryosurgery systems with a comprehensive range of re-usable cryoprobes and an easy to use console that controls

the delivery of liquid nitrogen as the cryogen. Using a patented vacuum based technology the cryogen is delivered rapidly and efficiently to the small diameter needle shaped probe tip placed in the tissue to be destroyed.

Fishing For Dreams project image

Fishing For Dreams project image

This Medical Device

Using a patented vacuum based technology the system manages the flow of liquid nitrogen LN from large gas canisters into probes that can be inserted into tumours using key hole surgery techniques.

The tumours are then injected with careful amounts of LN which freeze the tumour killing it, the frozen tumour is then defrosted where it will slowly disintegrate naturally.

Project Italy

Art closeup

Closeup view showing the foreground snow and human character.

Project Italy

Art closeup

View of the sunlit sky.

Good design can add value to every project because it is the first thing customers will see from you, so add a mix of creative thinking to your recipe and 20+ years design experience; the ways you communicate hold the keys to your success.