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About Me

Design With Passion

With 10+ years experience working in design I bring my creative approach into each brief I receive; being able to identify project goals and deliver to requested timeframes.

Prototyping Design Directly Into HTML CSS

Quite often in design projects layouts can be quite universal, many websites tend to replicate layout trends in standardised formats; where there is a need for specific design differances then graphic tools for prototyping are very helpful, but often a developer will know where a website layout is going just by holding consultations with the client.

In that way because I have both the skills as a designer and developer I can basically do the job of multiple people, visualizing in my head the desired final website. With much development experiance I am able to comunicate design ideas to the client and build them in real time.



The Development Process

There will always be a place in the development process for good designers to push new interesting design, utalising all the latest tools at hand to push away from standardised framework based layouts which prove very popular with commercial websites.

Unique interesting designs are often required and that can all be handled by a mixture of development processes

but that needs to be balenced with the objectives of the website and the UX (user experiances) of page visitors.

Why many Analytics is a huge part of guiging website functionality over user click trends,

I can prototype quality design directly into HTML5 CSS3 and other code; this comes in handy for fast turnaround projects where other designers would need to work alongside a specific developer – I really can do it all.

Some designers might struggle to understand the concept of prototyping into HTML etc, because they might not see how fast projects can be developed with integrated graphics / code ability; but to me it makes perfect sense with the experience I have.

Currently based in the UK

I find huge inspiration from the places I visit and work, whether its central London, Scotland, Italy or anywhere, the people I meet and the new things I learn through every project constantly push me forwards to new skills. On top of that I have worked hard to combine my early life interest for art and design with my later passions for programming and technology - giving me a highly complementing skill set that allows for huge diversity of work.

In my portfolio I have tried to showcase my balance of design, creative and dev work; believing that they can be used effectively together. All in all I am a very creative designer being able to bring in truly awesome artworking to any project.

Website and digital design

  • Code with HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JavaScript
  • Design fantastic HTML newsletters like a marketing guru
  • WordPress and Magento e-commerce custom website design & dev
  • I have built websites that have a huge turnover for product & traffic
  • UI design for websites and mobile Apps

Good design can add value to every project because it is the first thing customers will see from you, so add a mix of creative thinking to your recipe and 20+ years design experience; the ways you communicate hold the keys to your success.