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Website & brand designer

Being Creative 24/7

With 10+ years experience working in design I bring my creative approach into each brief I receive; being able to identify project goals and deliver to requested timeframes.

Fashion Advert POS


Event Branding Materials – Asked by a local jewelry merchant to provide graphics for local advertising. Stock images were used for the models (due to project deadlines) and products were selected by the client – advertisement in conjunction with a brand of watches.

Image below – advertising banner for magazine. Gioielleria di Patania Raffaele.

advertising banner for magazine

As with any project I gathered my design assets quickly after first gaining from the client what look and feel he was wanting. The were some changes to specific stock and elements of design but the client was so happy with the quality of the design – prior to working with me he had been limited to designers at the local news and magazine publications who likely don’t have much time for specific design.  After my work was demonstrated to the client there were more requests for different POS.

advertising banner for magazine. Gioielleria di Patania Raffaele


Magazine Advert – Further designs were asked for including a full page layout.

Magazine Advert – Full page spread with more product placements and information. Prices were not able to be added to the POS.

Magazine Advert – showing different edits.

Magazine Advert – showing different edits. Art-working on the Logo and font suggestions.

Magazine Advert – Final assets as used at the time. Specific edits needed to be made to the large model image with the client looking for something like this rather than just a photograph of someone in-store wearing stock – though that was also quickly tried at the time, this was the best final idea.

Artworking, Graphic Design

Good design can add value to every project because it is the first thing customers will see from you, so add a mix of creative thinking to your recipe and 20+ years design experience; the ways you communicate hold the keys to your success.