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With 10+ years experience working in design I bring my creative approach into each brief I receive; being able to identify project goals and deliver to requested timeframes.

Medical UI Design


The Team at Kryo Science contacted me with a request to design the User Interface UI for their latest medical system. Supplying me with a screen images of the bare bones coded program I worked in conjunction with the code developers and the management to create the final design.

CryoNeedle™ introduces a revolutionary new technology in a surgical system for cryotherapy. It is indicated for use in the physical destruction of unwanted tissue in defined lesions in general surgery. CryoNeedle™ replaces the expensive single use disposable cryoprobes used on conventional gas-based cryosurgery systems with a comprehensive range of re-usable cryoprobes and an easy to use console that controls the delivery of liquid nitrogen as the cryogen. Using a patented vacuum based technology the cryogen is delivered rapidly and efficiently to the small diameter needle shaped probe tip placed in the tissue to be destroyed. The second challenge was balancing style with a thoroughly sleek and efficient user experience. Aesthetically and strategically there was a brand look and feel gap between the current site and the newest iteration of the eBay brand. Our aim was to ensure a consistent experience throughout.

Kryo designs

UI Designs

Designing User Interface for medical systems is different to many other types of design. As the influence of technology in our lives continues to grow, the standard for contemporary user interface (UI) designs in the healthcare space continues to evolve from flat design to material design, healthcare professionals’ expectations for what a medical device should look and behave like are influenced by the UI trends seen in consumer products. But many of the contemporary UI trends in the consumer space do not translate well to safety critical applications in the medical space. An incorrect button press or an overlooked header can result in problems best avoided. One of the goals of good medical device design is to turn a lot of complicated engineering into a simple package that’s easy to use and understand. To help achieve this goal, remember that less is more when designing user interfaces.

Showing colour coded UI layouts for different probes.

differant UI designs

Greyscale concept designs.

concept designs

Showing different states of the various probes on the user interface.

Kryo designs

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Good design can add value to every project because it is the first thing customers will see from you, so add a mix of creative thinking to your recipe and 20+ years design experience; the ways you communicate hold the keys to your success.